Mediplantex - Capacity

•Factory No1: 356 Giai Phong, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi. Antibiotics beta-lactam. Capacity 150M units/year

•Factory No2: Tien Phong, Me Linh distict, Ha Noi. Western medicines. Capacity: 750M units/year

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02 factories
800 million tablets

Every year

02 quality inspection room

meets GLP standards

10.000 m2

GSP standard store

Factories environment

•Air filter 99.99 %

•Air exchange rate of 20 times / hour

•Temperature 20-24 ° C, 

•Humidity 60-65 % 

•Special production room: 20% of humidity

•One-way operation chain

•Sewage treatment area is handled at standardized sanitation level

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200 Type of medicine


16 billions dong

Submitting national budget

20 National


1000 billions dong